About Me

I am currently a student in the Four Year Elementary Education program at the University of Victoria. I love this program and all the opportunities it provides me with. I have volunteered as an English Language teaching assistant, a Big Buddy for students suffering from learning challenges and as a sports coach for children aged 3-10. I love having the ability to teach young children a new concept or skill. These experiences have taught me that students look to teachers as role models and that it is my responsibility as a future teacher to become someone that my younger self would have looked up to.


My Experiences in EPHE 311

This course gave me the opportunity to create my very own lesson plans with the guidance and support from my both my professor and peers. I have become much more knowledgeable on the topic of lesson plans and how to construct them. It has also helped expand my knowledge on fun and exciting warm-up games and activities.

Before this course I had never created a lesson plan and had no idea where to start. My professor provided with me a variety of templates and guidelines for the creation of my plan which helped me decide on a layout that would best suit my needs.